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funcStore.remove(namestr|list[str], fnamestr|list[str]None, removeallboolNone)

Removes data stored at a certain key.


  • name str|list[str], required

    The key from which to remove data, or a list of such keys. If funcStore.multi is False or if the other two arguments are left unspecified, this deletes the key. See the following two arguments otherwise.

  • fname str|list[str], optional

    If funcStore.multi is True, this allows the user to delete a specific element from the list, based on its __name__ (i.e. `example` if the data was originally defined with `def example` or `class example`).

    Default value: None

  • removeall bool, optional

    By default, if funcStore.multi is True and fname is specified, this function will stop after the first instance of an element matching name. Setting removeall=True will remove all functions with the given name. This might be the case if multiple functions with the same __name__ are stored in the key.

    Default value: None

Return Value bool|list[bool]

True if a matching element was found to delete, False otherwise, or a list of successes if a list was passed to name and/or fname.

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