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A class for storing indexed model data such as events, hooks, parameters, primitives, or shocks. This class inherits from dict and can be accessed as an ordinary dict, but also contains .add(), .remove(), and .clear() methods. Particular forms of structured data will typically subclass funcStore, and funcStore should not be called or instantiated by user code.

WARNING: This is an internal class. Its use in user code is not recommended or supported, and its signature can change in future updates without warning. Use one of the suggested functions above instead, if applicable.


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  • add( name, function )

    Adds a function to the dictionary. Subclasses of funcStore should modify this function according to the type of data to be stored.

  • clear( )

    Clears all added data from the container.

  • remove( name, fname, removeall )

    Removes data stored at a certain key.

Static Properties

  • multi bool

    Whether the dict values should store a function, or a list of functions. This is a static property and should be changed only by subclassing funcStore.

    Initial value: False

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