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Agents.addBreed(namestr, colorstr, primstrNone)

Registers an agent breed, useful for heterogeneity within agent primitives.

This function aliases Breeds.add(), but because Breeds is instantiated in Primitive.breeds, this function can be used for convenience without specifying a primitive if the model only has one primitive, as in the default setup.


  • name str, required

    The name of the breed.

  • color str, required

    The color that ought to represent the breed in the control panel and visualizations. Can take a hex string, a color name string (see the Matplotlib documentation for valid values), an RGB tuple with ranges from 0.0 to 1.0, or a Color object.

  • prim str, optional

    The agent primitive which this breed will be a type of. NOTE: This parameter is required if more than one primitive has been registered, in which case addBreed() will raise a KeyError if prim is not specified. Otherwise it is optional.

    Default value: None

Return Value Breed

The newly created Breed object.

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