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CpanelAboveParams(cpanelCpanel, bgstr|None)

Allows low-level access to either the Tkinter or the Jupyter control panel. Allows the insertion of widgets – either a Tkinter frame (or any subclass of it) or an Ipywidget, as appropriate – above the global parameters panel, as shown by the red stripe.

Required Parameters

  • cpanel Cpanel

    The Cpanel object.

  • bg str|None

    The background color to maintain the alternating striping of the control panel in Tkinter, either '#FFFFFF' or '#EEEEEE'. None if using Jupyter.

Expected Return Value tkinter.Frame|Ipywidgets.DOMWidget

A Tkinter Frame widget attached to the Cpanel window if using the Tkinter frontend, or a displayable Ipython widget if using Jupyter.

Notes and Examples

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