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MultiLevel( str breed, int id, Helipad model )

A class allowing multi-level agent-based models to be constructed, where the agents at one level are themselves full models with sub-agents. This class inherits all the methods and properties from both Agent and Helipad, which will not be reproduced here. See the Deme Selection sample model for an example.

To use a multi-level model, import the class and register it with model.addPrimitive().

Initialization Parameters

  • breed str, required

    The breed of the newly created agent.

  • id int, required

    A unique (at the top level) ID for the agent. Unexpected results may occur if non-unique ids are used.

  • model Helipad, required

    The model object of which this agent is a child.


  • dontStepAgents bool

    By default, all sub-agents are stepped each stage of the main model. This property can be set on a per-stage basis to prevent the sub-agents from being stepped. It is reset to False at the beginning of each stage.

    Initial value: False

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