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Registers a visualization class for live model visualization. Visualization classes can be imported from helipad.visualize, or custom visualization classes can be used if they subclass BaseVisualization and implement a standard set of methods.

The visualization can then be launched later using model.launchVisual().


  • class class(BaseVisualization), required

    A visualization class (not an instantiated object), either imported from helipad.visualize, or subclassed from BaseVisualization and implementing the launch(), update(), event(), and terminate() methods.

Return Value Object

An instantiated object from the class, used to set up visualization before launch.

Notes and Examples

  1. charwick

    Jan 08, 2021 at 22:27

    The object returned by useVisual() is used to register any visualizations. For example, this code registers the TimeSeries visualizer, adds a plot, and then adds a series to that plot.

    from helipad.visualize import TimeSeries
    viz = heli.useVisual(TimeSeries)'ssprice','lastPrice', 'agent', stat='gmean', percentiles=[0,100]))
    pricePlot = viz.addPlot('price', 'Price', logscale=True, selected=True)
    pricePlot.addSeries('ssprice', 'Soma/Shmoo Price', '#119900')
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