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@Helipad.reporter(keystrNone, smoothintNone)

A decorator to register a column in the data to be collected each period. The decorated function should take one argument, the model, and output a recordable value.

This decorator can be used bare (i.e. without parentheses), in which case the column name takes the name of the decorated function. Further arguments are passed to Data.addReporter().


  • key str, optional

    The name of the data column, if overriding the function name.

    Default value: None

  • smooth int, optional

    Replaces the series with a decaying average for the purposes of plotting. Higher values smooth the data more strongly. The original data is recorded in a new column with the same name but postfixed with -unsmooth.

    Default value: None

Notes and Examples

  1. charwick

    Aug 06, 2020 at 4:16

    This example registers a reporter to be placed in the column 'hsum'.

    def hsum(model):
    	upop = model.agent('urban')
    	return sum([a.H for a in model.agent('urban')]) if len(upop) > 0 else 1

    The column name can be changed without changing the name of the function by decorating with, e.g., @heli.reporter('sumofh') instead.

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