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Stores data on registered goods. Should not be instantiated directly; instead, use Goods.add(). The properties of the Good object correspond to the arguments of that function.

Object Properties

  • color Color

    A Color object storing the color used to plot the good. This can be passed instead of a hex value in most places that take a color as an argument.

  • color2 Color

    A lighter color used for secondary plotting.

  • props dict{str: num|tuple|func}

    A dict of initial values for the various good properties, including the quantity (passed in the endowment argument of Goods.add()). Numerical values set the initial value of the good property to that number on agent instantiation. A tuple samples the initial value from a normal distribution indicated by (mean, std). A function, which takes the breed as an argument and returns a value, allows open-ended logic for setting the initial value.

  • money bool

    Whether the good is being used as a numeraire or not. At most one good in any model should have this property set to True, the good corresponding to

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