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Edges.inbound(kindstr'edge', undirectedboolFalse, objstr'edge')

Returns a list of edges for which the agent is an endpoint.


  • kind str, optional

    The connection kind in which to find inbound edges. Set to None to return all inbound edges of all types.

    Default value: 'edge'

  • undirected bool, optional

    Whether to include undirected edges in the result (i.e. whether to understand directionless edges as having no direction or both directions).

    Default value: False

  • obj str, optional

    If obj=='edge', returns a list of Edge objects. If obj=='agent', returns a list of partner agents corresponding to the edges.

    Default value: 'edge'

Return Value list[Edge|Agent]

A list of inbound edges, or the agents corresponding to them, depending on the value of obj.

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