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Charts.addPlot( str name, str label, str type = 'bar',  **kwargs )

Adds a plot area to the Chart visualizer. Defaults to a bar chart, but can be set to any subclass of ChartPlot.


  • name str, required

    A unique slug-type string used to refer to the plot in other functions.

  • label str, required

    The name of the plot displayed at the top of the plot.

  • type str, optional

    The type of plot to create. By default can be 'bar' or 'network', but can also take the type property of any ChartPlot subclass that has been added with Charts.addPlotType().

    Default value: 'bar'

  • **kwargs optional

    Optional arguments to be passed to the plot class upon init.

    Default value: {}

Return Value ChartPlot

The ChartPlot subclass object, depending on the type parameter, with the newly created plot.

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