Reference 〉 Function, goodstr, qnum, pnum)

Purchases a good from another agent and pays for it using the monetary good specified in a Goods.add() command. Similar to except that the second good does not have to be specified. Note that this function will raise a RuntimeError if no monetary good has been specified.


  • partner Agent, required

    The agent object of the trading partner. The agent object can be retrieved by ID with model.agent().

  • good str, required

    The good to be purchased. This good must have been previously registered with Goods.add().

  • q num, required

    The quantity of the good to purchase. If the partner does not possess at least q of good, the agent purchases the partner's entire stock, and the difference is added to that period's shortage counter. Note that a negative q can be passed in order to sell a quantity of the good to the partner.

  • p num, required

    The price at which to purchase the good.

Return Value num

The amount actually traded. This will equal q unless the trading agent has an insufficient stock of the good, in which case the function returns the agent's stocks and records the difference as a shortage.

Notes and Examples

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