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Plot( )

Stores data on plot areas in the TimeSeries visualizer that can be toggled in the control panel. Should not be instantiated directly; use TimeSeries.addPlot() instead.


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  • active( val, updateGUI )

    Turns on or off the selected state of a plot in the control panel.

  • addSeries( reporter, label, color, … )

    Registers a reporter to be drawn in a particular plot during the model’s runtime.


  • label str

    The label for the plot, to be displayed on the toggle in the control panel.

  • series list

    A list of Series that have been added to the plot.

  • logscale bool

    Whether to display the plot's vertical axis on a logarithmic scale by default.

  • axes matplotlib.AxesSubplot

    The Matplotlib AxesSubplot object on which the plot is drawn. This property is added to the Plot object only for visible plots and when the TimeSeries window is launched.

  • check textCheck|Ipywidgets.Interactive

    The GUI element corresponding to the plot selector. Not available until the control panel is launched.

  • selected bool

    Whether the plot is currently queued for display. Do not modify this property directly; use Plot.active() to ensure consistency with the GUI state.

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