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Takes a parameter identification string or tuple, such as can be passed to model.param(), model.paramSweep(), and Shocks.register(), and returns the corresponding Param object.

WARNING: This is an internal function. Its use in user code is not recommended or supported, and its signature can change in future updates without warning. Use one of the suggested functions above instead, if applicable.


  • p str|tuple, required

    A string or tuple identifying the parameter to retrieve. A string value indicates a global parameter. Per-good parameters can be indicated with a three-item tuple, ('paramName', 'good', 'goodName'). A per-breed parameter can be indicated with a three- or four-item tuple, ('paramName', 'breed', 'breedName', 'primitive'), with the last element optional if there is only one primitive.

Return Value Param

The appropriate Param object.

Notes and Examples

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